Kudos LC350 + Option pack

Kudos LC350 + Option pack

Brand: Grass Valley
Product Code: 6163501
Price: £2,995.00

Includes option pack for noise reduction, side-bar keying and logo insertion features with composite I/O, balanced and unbalanced AES, and analog audio

Single channel linear frame rate converter and adaptive format converter

Highly cost effective, linear motion adaptive standards converter for many applications including:

  • High Density International Program Distribution
  • Low cost frame rate conversion
  • International TV and video back-up channels


  • Linear motion adaptive SD/HD/3G frame rate conversion
  • SD/HD/3G up, down and cross conversion
  • Comprehensive I/O support including; SDI, composite, analog audio, AES, fiber, and HDMI monitoring
  • 16-channel embedded audio processing
  • Continuous output when input standard switches
  • Closed caption and timecode handling
  • Automatic Aspect Ratio Conversion (AFD, VI, L23) with user line choice for SMPTE 2016
  • Powerful picture enhancement tools
  • Synchronization
  • HDMI monitor output
  • Support for fiber input and output
  • Dual PSU as standard
  • Front panel and remote control via web interface and RollCall
  • Front panel control lock
  • GPI/O support
  • SMPTE2020 metadata support
  • Dolby delay compensation
  • Optional Logo inserter, sidebar keyer and noise reduction
  • Clean cut

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