SigMA Enterprise

SigMA Enterprise

Product Code: 9810200X
Price: £20,349.00

A revolution in production system efficiency

SigMA is a pure software product that uses the unique SAM Media Biometrics Technology and enables media systems to automatically and reliably identify and verify media streams. SigMA uses stored signatures from media files and creates new intelligence about that media.

SigMA License Features Standard Professional Enterprise
Average Picture Level Yes Yes Yes
Stillish Yes Yes Yes
Blackish Yes Yes Yes
Audio Activity Yes Yes Yes
Audio Level Meters Yes Yes Yes
Absolute Delay No Yes Yes
Lip Sync No Yes Yes
Media Match No Yes Yes
Quality Match No Yes Yes
Channel Match No No Yes
Schedule Match No No Yes*
Media Identification No No Yes*


* Requires BioBank Connector

Product includes licenses for 10 Assurance Points



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